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Since the company was founded, the range of clients has been as diverse to include work for companies such as Texaco and Schlumberger (eg, moving oilrigs), shipments for pharmaceutical companies such as Smithkline Beecham and Glaxo and for high-tech companies such as Dell Computers and Hewlett Packard. Outside the commercial sphere ARX has also provided air charter services for the British Ambassador in Moscow and other foreign Embassies, media organizations such as BBC and ITV news teams and high-profile VIP tours of the CIS, (eg, the Archbishop of Canterbury). A comprehensive client list is available on request.

The Quality Policy of Aero Freight is to Provide services in freight handling to the satisfaction of the valued customers. The Management and staff of Aero Freight are committed to comply with the established Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9002, through periodic reviews and continuous improvements and with the foremost aim of customer satisfaction.

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The extremely demanding nature of this type of business (eg, poor or non-existent communications, severe weather conditions and lack of infrastructure) enabled ARX to develop the skills necessary to survive and develop into a leading specialist freight forwarder in the Russian market. From this, the company build up a range of general freight forwarding services and was able to deal with a much broader client base.

Quality Service without Compromise

ISO 9002 Certification from Bureau Veritas Quality International in the Year 2000 for our Quality Systems and Procedures a milestone in the glorious history of Aero Freight. ‘Quality Service without Compromise’ is our motto and our track record is ample testimony to the fact that we have eminently succeeded in our endeavor.

The AZ Freight website is currently under development and a list of new services and markets will be updated soon.